The New Page & more!!

So we've finally started revamping the new page.  But, more than that.. we've really worked hard to make shipping and receiving more accurate.  We had a few instances that needed resolutions and are still working through a few more.  In that time, we shut down shop for a moment to fix some of the issues.  Now, we are confidently back to continue the grind!  We have partnered with Shopify to make sure shipping is more trackable and accurate.  In addition to that, we have decided to go fully online!  All orders MUST BE PLACED ONLINE or through our ordering portal!  This will ensure a fast a streamlined way to order and get those amazing pieces of merch you can sport DAILY!

As you can see.  On the front page, we have also added our mantra.  This is so important to us because we want it to be understood about what this brand is truly about.  It's about the DAILY GRIND.  Whether its at home supporting the family, grinding on entrepreneurial projects or just hitting the gym.. We know you do all that DAILY and it inspires us!  This BRAND is FOR YOU!!

Last but not least.. We have a new LIMITED STOCK COLLECTION that will house items that will only be up for 2 weeks at a time.  Each item will not be restocked & will have limited quantities available.  Anywhere from 20-50 of each will be sold globally!  Be sure to snag yours before its gone!

Thank you so much for the support up to this point!  We will keep the DAILY grind going & won't stop until the message is heard.  YOU can do THIS DAILY too!  Whatever it is... STAY DAILY!! And stay on that GRIND!!

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