Wow what a successful event at Inshape in Tracy, CA

Today's event went great!  My son and I set up the table at the front and had some awesome people check out the merch!  We had a limited amount of sizes for all items but will do better as we go along.  As we go full force into promoting and marketing the "Team Daily" brand, I am so grateful for the local support of friends & family.  With that being said, here's a few things I learned from this little table event:

All Events Are Opportunities

So, at this event, I was fortunate to be given the opportunity by the GM of the club to set up shop for absolutely free!  All I needed to do was show up and put my stuff out.  That being said, most events I've participated to date, had some type of fee.  But, since this was a community appreciation event set forth by a private entity (the gym) I was able to set up shop.  So, it was so important to let the people know at my local gym that I was someone who was grinding and promoting my brand to them.  The brand recognition at the gym is in full force now, and I think it will eventually overtake many of the brands used here locally!

Flyers & Freebies are a plus (Giveback to those who take the time to take a look!  Thank them!)

When you're investing in building your line, make sure you have some things to give away!  You're a new brand and no one really knows you.  One way to get people to stop, is by having flyers so they can see more of your product.  And, also, giving away some freebies.  It could be stickers, wristbands or any marketing type materials.  Make sure that you don't spend too much, but that they're interesting and useful for those coming to your store.  I love giving away car fresheners or stickers, because they're just fun and inexpensive things that people will actually use.  A lot of times, they'll use it on something they always use!  This means, whenever they see it, there's a chance they will think of your product!  Such as the air fresheners I had purchased 3-4 years ago (they still smell great).  People have them in their car even after they've lost their use because they look cool.  AND, if someone asks about it, they may remember and let them know where they got it from!

So, all in all, we were able to get out a good amount of products for no cost other than gas and time.  And the whole purpose was really just to show what we have, and start getting more active again!  My youngest and I went boots to the ground at this event, & it paid off!  We had a great time together, while showcasing and learning from the event itself!

Thank you to EVERYONE who stopped by, whether you bought something or just took a flyer.  (Gave my son challenges to see how many flyers he could get out.)  My team and I look forward to doing more events & can't wait to do another.  July 21st in the bay area I will be hosting an event for StayBallin.TV and we hope to see yall there!  I will have a table set up with some of my top ambassadors ready to help show you what we got!

Stay tuned for the next blog post!